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In this section we give a further brake down of the structure of the company. Each section contains a little bit of information about us and our roles with Lutterworth Transport Services. Feel free to use the form on the "Contact us" section to request more information. 

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David Smith

Managing Director and Lead Driver

Dave is our lead driver and director. He is often out on the road ensuring the welfare of our drivers is met and transporting goods himself. With over twenty five years in the road haulage business, you can be sure he knows how to meet your transportation needs.

George Duffin

Public Relations Manager

George is our public relations manager. He assists Josie with the monitoring of the vans on the GPS system, and also manages the webpage and facebook page, ensuring that any media requests are met and any messages recieved are passed on to the relevent people. 

Josie Smith

Company Secretary

Josie is the transport manager, from our home base back in lutterworth she oversee's the vehicles through our GPS system and also manages the administration side of the company. She is on call, all hours to handle any issues our drivers may have. 

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